Platinum iMac challenges wallet, taste, sanity

Chris Davies - Aug 24, 2009
Platinum iMac challenges wallet, taste, sanity

The last we saw of custom finish experts Computer Choppers was their iPod shuffle 3G tweaks, turning Apple’s sober little PMP into a riot of anodized hues.  Splashing out on a custom iPod is one thing; how about spending big money on platinum plating your 24-inch Apple iMac?

The special edition is the latest in a series of iMac modifications, which have seen Computer Chopper clad the all-in-one desktop in various tones of gold.  As well as the main body of the computer, there’s a custom inlaid Apple logo in the back panel and a matching wireless keyboard and Mighty Mouse.

Unfortunately what’s missing is the price, but considering platinum isn’t quite as cheap as, say, a can of silver spray paint we’ve a sneaking suspicion that this custom iMac will well exceed the $2,199 of the most expensive model in Apple’s store.  Still, if you want the perfect fingerprint storage system, OS X and the heartbreak of knowing your desk ornament will likely soon be outdated then this is the one-stop solution.

[via Born Rich]

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