Computer Choppers colored & precious-plated iPod shuffle 3G

While many people are still arguing over Apple's decision to go with complicated headphones for the new iPod shuffle 3G, others are bemoaning the obvious lack of color in Apple's life.  Silver and black are all well and good, but the iPod shuffle 3G certainly benefits from a blast of new paint; that's what Computer Choppers think, anyway, and so they're offering the rainbow of shuffles you see here.

For one of the nine color anodized 4GB shuffles in the picture you're looking at $129; that's a $50 premium over what Apple want for a basic black or silver example.  $159 gets you a polished version in any of the same tones.  They'll also do chroming, copper- and black nickel-plating, for $149, $169 and $169 respectively.

If you're feeling really rich (and perhaps, dare we say it, a little foolish) then they offer some luxury metals too.  24kt gold comes in at $179, while $199 gets you white or rose gold, or alternatively platinum.  They're also offering laser engraving on the clip or the face, starting from $20, and soon will be plastering diamonds over the poor PMP too.

[via technabob]