PizzaDome is a wood-fired oven for the BaseCamp stove

Summer is here and that means that many folks around the world will be out enjoying nature. Part of enjoying nature is eating well and keeping gadgets that you might need in an emergency (or to post hoards of images of you "roughing" it to your Snapchat) charged and working. The catch is that cooking and charging gadgets where there is no electricity can be a challenge; this is where the BaseCamp wood-fired oven and the new PizzaDome accessory come in.

The BaseCamp stove is a wood-fired stove that we first talked about way back in 2011. It's very small and portable and is designed to burn just about anything you find in the woods or along the trail for fuel. The cool part is that the BaseCamp has a slick thermoelectric module integrated that captures heat and turns it into electricity for charging your gadgets. The new bit here is the PizzaDome for the BaseCamp.

PizzaDome is designed to allow the cooking of pizza, flatbread, and other items using a three-piece system made just for BaseCamp. The lid of the pizza cooker has an integrated thermometer. A food safe ceramic stone sits inside the oven and the pizza or other item is placed directly onto that stone to allow for crisp and even cooking.

The lid can be used without the ceramic stone and its small support device, which is placed directly on the grill of the BaseCamp stove, to decrease cook times for other foods made on the grill. The PizzaDome three-piece kit sells for $69.95. If you don't already have a BaseCamp stove, a bundle with the stove and PizzaDome sells for $299.95 during the launch phase and will normally retail for $369.95. This isn't something you will want to take backpacking with you, the BaseCamp stove weighs 17.92 pounds and the PizzaDome weighs 4.4 pounds.

SOURCE: BioLite Energy