Pixely Launcher brings Google Now to most Androids [APK download]

This week the user known as deletescape has released his first Rootless Pixel Launcher. This launcher is very similar to some other recently released launchers – such as the launcher literally called "Rootless Pixel Launcher" – but this one's got some unique features. As the developer, also known as Till Kottmann, explains – this app is unique in its ability to deliver the Google Now Page on any smartphone- or at least most Android smartphones from the past several years.

In this app is the complete recreation of the home screen experience on an Android smartphone. It is built from the ground up, sort of, using Google's own AOSP files for the Pixel smartphone. This app has a wide variety of features that are either unique to this launcher or unique in their combination with the other features in a rootless launcher package.

Android Lawnchair Launcher Feature List

• App renaming

• App Hiding

• Adaptive theming

• App tray transparency

• Changing Icon size

• Changing grid size

• Experimental Pixel Launcher features

• Google Now Tab

• Iconpack support

• Notification badges*

• Pixel Pill / Bar

• Save scrolling position in apps tray

* Notification Badges can be found in the Settings menu for this launcher. To get to this settings page, hold a finger down on a home page until a set of options appears, and tap Settings. This is a settings menu different from that of the Settings button in the notifications pull-down menu.

This app requires a little bit of courage to install, since it's not listed on the Google Play app store. Instead it's available through a directory at Github made by Kottmann. There the app is available as an APK file which can be installed after a simple single download.

Don't be alarmed by the file name – it'll be something like Travis-183 dot apk, or along those lines. The app's actual name is "Lawnchair" – for whatever odd reason – and it's pretty neat. As always, SlashGear takes no responsibility for any downloads or files attained by the user once they leave this webpage. All downloads and app installations are done at the risk of the user alone.

Once the file is downloaded and installed, it'll appear the first time the user taps their home button. A notification will appear, where the user is given the choice of loading the Lawnchair launcher. Tap the lawnchair and all the glory of the Google Now Page will be given to them thusly.