Pixelmator, Replay put iPad Air 2's new A8X chip to the test

Apple didn't disappoint the tech world and has unveiled, among other things, the latest generation of its iPad tablet line. The iPad Mini 3 might have a harder time finding a warm cozy spot, but the iPad Air 2's substantial diet is sure to endear itself to many almost immediately. But while it's slim profile might be one of its most eye catching features, we mustn't forget the very thing that makes it tick. Apple's A8X processor is no weak beast, and there are two apps that are more than willing to prove it.

There is, perhaps, no better test of a processor's mettle than subjecting it to multimedia processing. For that purpose, two apps went on stage at Apple's event to demonstrate how their apps fly on the new iPad Air 2. Pixelmator is no stranger to those who love to edit photos on the Mac, but it will soon be making its debut on Apple's mobile platform as well, particularly on the iPad Air 2. Fans shouldn't be worried about getting a gimped version on a tablet, however, as Pixelmator promises a full editing experience, albeit streamlined for a touch-based device. Never again will you have an excuse not to be able to touch up a photo or even make substantial edits on the go when you only have a tablet with you.

Replay is already familiar with iOS users, as it has been on the iTunes App Store for both iPhones and iPads for quite a while now. The new A8X chip, however, gives it more breathing room and more power to work with, which, for a video editing app, is quite essential for a pleasurable user experience. And again, like the Pixelmator, this isn't just for simple edits either. Replay's own engine, which is capable of serious volumetric effects, is noted to run as much as four times faster on Apple's new chip than on the previous generation A7.

As mentioned, Replay is already available on the iPad, and for free, but the update that will bring compatibility with the iPad Air 2 won't be coming until later this month. Pixelmator, on the other hand, will be out for the new tablet soon and it will carry with it a price tag of $4.99.

But even if you're not into media editing, the iPad Air 2 will definitely have mass appeal for all its other features, including Touch ID and a highly improved optical laminated display with anti-reflective coating. The tablet starts pre-order today and will ship starting Monday. Three storage configurations are available, with 16 GB starting at $499, 64 GB goes for $599, and the highest 128 GB costs $699. Cellular connectivity adds another $130 to the price tag, though you might want to wait for more details on the Apple SIM if you're aiming for that one.

SOURCE: Pixelmator