Pixelbook 2 leaks in ads pre-Google event

Today we're taking a peek at a collection of new Chromebook Pixel and/or Pixelbook leaks with different sized displays. In these leaks, a few different industrial design elements are in play. Two different Pixelbooks appear, and a video seems to show a third. Either there's one new device, two new devices, or no new devices, and Google's having a laugh at us.

All of these leaks can be traced back to Chrome Unboxed where G.Brangers went through what he believed were leaks of two different devices. One codenamed Nocturn, the other Atlas. There they've been tracked for many weeks – so it's no wonder several pair of detail-seeking eyes happened upon these pieces of media in the last several days.

Nocturn appears in the video above, and said video appeared in a Chrome debugging report. The debugging post was removed from Google's tracker since the discovery was made, but the video remains up hosted on YouTube. This device would be reminiscent of a Microsoft Surface tablet, with an optional keyboard.

Atlas seems to appear in three different advertisements in two different forms. It's likely the placement of the moving elements in the display were imperfect here, as is sometimes the case in advertisements such as these. As such, it's possible the display has a tiny bezel or really tiny bezel – either way, it's smaller than the current Pixelbook by a significant amount.

There's a distinct possibility that Google will reveal both of these devices at their next event. It's also quite possible Google's having a bit of a play at pre-event proactive leaking. They've most certainly done this before, and I wouldn't put it past them to do it again. Here, though, it's difficult to discern their intentions with a couple of devices with at least two different iterations if bezel size. Who can tell?

Either way, I'm excited Google's bringing more devices to a market sorely in need of new blood: Tablets that are able to run Android apps. I just want to see a new tablet with a generously-sized display playing Hearthstone. That's all I want! Meanwhile we've got that Lenovo Yoga Chromebook on deck too – look familiar?