Pixel Qi developing new panel sizes; "several" new customers onboard

This fits in with the CEO's previous comments, where she suggested that while the first devices to use Pixel Qi panels would be multitouch tablets, that doesn't mean they'll be the only form-factors in the future.  With no confirmation on whether the new Pixel Qi sizes are smaller or larger than the existing 10-inch panel, we've no way of knowing whether OEMs are looking at smartphone/MID style devices (or perhaps Kindle-rivaling ebook readers) or larger notebooks.

Mass production of the 10-inch Pixel Qi panel began in December last year, and as far as we're aware the first device to use it will be the Notion Ink slate due in Q3 2010.  Pixel Qi use standard LCD construction lines, however, so it doesn't seem like too great a stretch to assume that the new sizes will begin whipping out of the factory soon enough.

Pixel Qi display on Notion Ink Adam:

[vms 3dc27118a0f19a198571]