Pixel Buds get feature update, individual bud volume, new colors

Today Google revealed that they'd be releasing the Google Pixel Buds earbuds in new colors. These earbuds will soon (if not immediately) be available in "Oh So Orage," "Quite Mint," and "Almost Black" inside the United States. For those users that already have a pair of Pixel Buds in their ears, Google's released a software update that adds several features to the hardware.

If you're in the mood for Google Assistant functionality, the latest update allows you several new abilities. You may now ask Google to toggle your Pixel Buds touch controls (off or on). You can now ask Google for the current battery power of your buds with a command like "Hey Google, what's the battery on my earbuds?" You can also do this stuff in the Pixel Buds app.

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The latest update to Google Pixel Buds adds the ability to include the earbuds in "Find My Device." With this system, if you lose your Pixel Buds, you'll be able to see the "last known location" of said buds on a map. This system works "even when they're no longer connected to your Android phone."

This week Google enabled live transcription with Google Buds. This system is built to assist with transcribing and translating at the same time, but can be used to transcribe speech just as it's available with the basic Google Translate app.

Transcription is available in English as well as translated to/from French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Google Pixel Buds app's latest update includes a pair of new features: bass boost and sharing detection. Bass boost does just as you'd expect – it boosts the amount of bass you get from any audio. Sharing detection is slightly more interesting.

Sharing detection can detect when you've got one earbud and you've handed the other to a friend. Once sharing, you can change the volume of the audio delivered to each individual earbud. If you hand an earbud to an elderly neighbor, you can turn their earbud WAY UP, while you keep yours at medium.

The update to Google Pixel Buds should arrive in the form of an updated Google Pixel Buds app in the very near future – if not by the end of the day today!