Pixel 6 leak spills the big beans on both sides

The Google Pixel 6 appears to have leaked in a major way this week, both in standard and Pro configurations. The latest leak shows the Google Pixel 6 in what's likely the standard color setup, with a white back, bright orange top back section, and black camera array. The backside camera array is set in a sort of bridge, rising up above the rest of the smartphone's back side from one side to the other.

The Google Pixel 6 appears via OnLeaks and 91Mobiles. If what we've seen from UpLeaks in the past is any indication, this is basically a spot-on interpretation of the device as it's been viewed by the renderer with CAD files. Those are just about as close to the source as one can get without leaked photos of final hardware.

The Google Pixel 6 as leaked here has a 6.4-inch display that's significantly different from the Google Pixel 6 Pro. The 6 Pro has a larger display that has curved edges – the display itself appears to curve over the left and right of the phone's sides. The Google Pixel 6 has curved edges all around, but the display itself sits in the section of the front that's entirely flat.

Much like the Google Pixel 6 Pro, the Google Pixel 6 will be mostly 8.9mm thick, save the camera bridge (or bump, if you prefer), which makes it 11.8mm thick. The camera on the 6 array features three lenses and a somewhat different arrangement than what's included with the Pro. Both appear to use the same LED flash (and flash / mic placement), but the camera features are likely more impressive on the Pro in more ways than one.

The Google Pixel 6 has a single front-facing camera that appears through a punch hole in the device's display. Above and below the display are speakers that will very likely deliver stereo sound.

We're expecting Google to reveal the Google Pixel 6, Google Pixel 6 Pro, and Google Pixel 5a at some point before the end of the year. If they follow tradition – or at least tradition before 2020 – they'll reveal the devices in or around October.

There's also reason to stay alert to the idea that there may be a fourth device coming from the company this year. That would be the Google Pixel "Passport" – a foldable display smartphone machine that's roughly the same size as a standard international passport book. Cross your fingers for the whole lot at the same time!