Pixel 3 Live Wallpapers available for Android 6.0 and higher

JC Torres - Sep 26, 2018, 12:06am CDT
Pixel 3 Live Wallpapers available for Android 6.0 and higher

We’re about two weeks away from Google’s not so secret Pixel 3 event but, unless it was just trolling us big time, we almost know everything there is to know about Google’s 2018 bets. Even down to the wallpapers they will be flaunting. That came through leaked wallpapers that was at first compatible with the very few Android Pie phones around. Fortunately, thanks to some rather talented developers, those live wallpapers are now ready for anyone with a slightly older device to enjoy.

What’s so special about live wallpapers anyway? You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all right? Google’s live wallpapers for the Pixel phones, however, go beyond just animated videos. They can react to various factors and variables, like music playing in the background, notifications, time, and more.

The Pixel 3’s Pixel Wallpapers might be even more special. According to early testers (of the leaked wallpapers, not the Pixel 3), those live images can even appear on the Always on Display, leaving users with a more visually interesting phone on idle. How much that will affect battery life is something we’ll have to wait for.

Having been made for the Pixel 3, which of course runs Android 9 Pie, the compatibility for the Live Wallpapers were initially quite restrictive. However, thanks to Pranav Pandey, the developer who also “backported” the Pixel 2 wallpapers, that’s no longer the case. The only requirement is that phones should be running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher. Which practically covers half the Android population.

It’s not all perfect though. Some phones might need Google’s Wallpapers app from the Play Store. Pandey also had to remove some features that would block the APK from being used on older Android versions. And, finally, since this isn’t coming from Google Play Store, you’ll have to be extra careful when installing from outside verified sources.

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