Google Pixel 3 wallpapers leak [UPDATE: APK download]

Chris Burns - Sep 24, 2018, 1:13pm CDT
Google Pixel 3 wallpapers leak [UPDATE: APK download]

Google Pixel 3 looks like it’ll have some really top-notch wallpapers on its release in a few weeks. What we’re seeing today is a set of images and notes from someone who suggests he’s got access to the lot. In the mix are a bunch of things we’ve seen before, iterated a bit forward, plus some next-level creations that’ll make the Pixel 3 unique. We’ve also re-created or captured new versions of the wallpapers we’ve only got tiny-version access to otherwise, for your enjoyment.

First we’re taking a peek at the wallpapers shared on Twitter by one intrepid seeker. Some of the wallpapers here look a lot like what’s in the collection of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 1. They’re tried, they’re true, they work. Then there are some interesting oddities.

Amongst these are a “Pixie” set of colors – beautiful gradients in varied hues. There’s a “Burst” set that are likely living that fireworks life. Bloom looks like it’s very similar to Burst, but light and light instead of light on dark. Groove seems to be similar to Pixie, but more movement-friendly.

The “OnePlus Wallpaper” bit in the screenshots above is not from the Pixel 3, but the device the user is using to take these screenshots. That might also be the case with “Funny Color Lines.” “A drop in the ocean” looks like it’ll be rather swishy in Coral, Seaweed (green), and Waves (blue).

Pixel 3 Wallpapers (approximated) using Google Earth, NASA imagery

In the collection we’ve collected here, we’ve got a version of the Bird’s-Eye View, Zion National Park, and the White Sands, Sonoran Desert. We’ve also got the exact same location within the Malolo Barrier Reef Google has in their wallpaper, and what’s basically the same image as they’ve got for Pluto (from the New Horizons mission from NASA).

The images we have in the gallery above come from NASA and Google Earth. Google Earth Pro is a free application, and has been for a while. It has the ability to snap images such as these using Google’s historical satellite-captured photos (for Google Earth). Let us know if you find any more!

UPDATE: The full APK now seems to work for the Wallpapers on Google Pixel 3. Not all devices will be able to run this – apparently just those running Android 6.0 or higher – and we cannot guarantee the safety of the app in any way whatsoever. So long as you take your fate into your own hands, you can head over to AndroidFileHost now to see the APK for yourself.

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