Pixel 3 Live Wallpaper downloads: About that boat

Chris Burns - Sep 26, 2018, 11:27am CDT
Pixel 3 Live Wallpaper downloads: About that boat

This week the Google Pixel 3’s Live Wallpaper collection leaked, and one shows the Mololo Barrier Reef. When the wallpaper is loaded to an Android smartphone properly, a tiny white boat can be seen. In the Live Wallpaper version of this image, this little boat drives around the screen, moving in and out of the reef, all cute-like.

Having sought out the sources of the images used for this wallpaper (for an article written earlier this week,) I can safely suggest that Google took some inspiration from real life for their boat placement and sizing. In the image we attained this week from Google Earth from the year 2017, a couple of boats can be seen. One is a wide, rectangular-shaped boat, and the other is a speed boat, much like the one seen in the live wallpaper.

The live wallpaper does not use the same image of the boat as seen in the photograph for Google Earth. However, the two are of extremely similar size, and the similarities cannot be ignored. It’s very, very likely that Google saw one and created the other.

The rest of the live wallpapers in the collection are similarly awesome. In a “Bird’s Eye View” of Zion National Park, Google uses a series of images of a cliffside. In the images we see a near overhead view moved down to closer to a 45-degree angle. At that angle, we see some animated birds fly by every so often – very subtle, very fun.

There’s also a bunch of other live wallpapers from other locations. Have a peek at our original Pixel 3 Live Wallpapers feature to see more information on the locations chosen for the lot. Also head over to Android File Host to download the APK yourself. You’ll need one version if you have Android 6-7.1, or a different version if you have Android 8 or 8.1, or yet another different version if you have Android 9 Pie. You’ll also need the Google Wallpapers app from Google Play.

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