Pioneer reveals compact 3D color hologram printer

Business cards are boring, even if you slot NFC inside them, but the swish business fellow around town could change all that with a home-made hologram card. Pioneer Corporation's idea of what construes a "compact" hologram printer might not exactly tally with ours – it's roughly the size of a large briefcase – but considering you're getting the ability to make your own full-color holograms we could probably forgive the discrepancy.

Although the size is the headline feature, in fact it's the ease of use that makes the hologram printer particularly special. It produces Lippman holograms, which traditionally would require a darkened room, real models be photographed, and vibration dampers fitted to keep things sufficiently stable.

Pioneer's system, however, can run from a 3D CAD file, and demands no technical knowledge beyond hitting print. The resultant holograms can measure up to 75.6 x 50.4 mm, not only big enough for a business card but greetings cards, photographs, and more.

Exactly how much the printer will cost – as well as the print media itself – has not been revealed, though we don't imagine it will come cheap. Still, who among us wouldn't pay handsomely for the ability to create tiny hologram cards of ourselves recreating the "You're my only hope!" Princess Leia pose.