Pioneer Officially Unveils AppRadio, Mirrors iPhone Or iPod In Your Car

Pioneer has just officially unveiled today a new in-car system called the AppRadio. We first heard about it last month when some details on the device along with an image of the interface leaked. But now details on this first-of-its-kind car audio system have been confirmed and it looks to work tightly with your iPhone and iPod.

The AppRadio is an aftermarket head unit that should fit inside most vehicles without a problem. It features a 6.1-inch capacitive touchscreen with an iOS type of interface. It runs its official AppRadio app as well as third-party apps. It can even share the internet connection, stream music and video, or provide navigation via Google Maps. There are already several apps being developed for the system including from Inrix, MotionX GPS Drive, Rdio, and Pandora.

Additionally, the AppRadio can mirror some features of your iPhone or iPod, such that when connected, an adaptation of your i-device interface will be displayed on the AppRadio's larger screen. Pioneer's Dock Connector plug is easily accessible making it easy to plug in your i-device. The idea is to eventually make it so that you can connect your iPod or iPhone and throw it in the glove compartment and then be able to operate and navigate their interfaces via the larger AppRadio display.

To take advantage of the AppRadio's full feature set you will need a fourth-generation iPod touch or an iPhone 4 running iOS 4.2 or above. The audio system is expected to arrive by late June and is priced at $500.

[via Electronista]