Pioneer KURO KRP-500A limited edition HDTVs in white & beige

Discussions about the Pioneer KURO plasma HDTV range and color tends to be in hushed tones about the super-sets' class-leading picture quality.  Now it might be about how well they blend into your living room, with the announcement of limited edition white and beige versions of the 50-inch 1080p KRP-500A.

The KURO KRP-500AW is the white version, while the KURO KRP-500ABG is the beige model.  Each has an external tuner box, with analog, DVB-T and DVB-S/DVB-S2 tuners for digital terrestrial and digital satellite viewing.  Moreover there's DLNA connectivity for hooking the display up to your home network and playing back media on attached PCs or content servers.

Available in Europe, the two KURO HDTVs are priced at €4,499 ($5,741).  That includes a backlit aluminum remote control.  Matching speakers are also available.

[via Engadget HD]