Pioneer KODO XW-NAW1 iPod speaker dock begging to be wall-mounted

Pioneer has unveiled their latest iPod speaker dock, the KODO XW-NAW1, and it's about as close to an wafer-thin after-dinner mint as you can hope from a way to play tracks on your Apple PMP.  83mm thick and designed to be wall-mounted (though it does get a bundled stand, too), the KODO XW-NAW1 has 30W stereo speakers and nifty touch-sensitive buttons.

Ports are minimal, though there's a component video output for hooking up a TV and watching content stored on the iPod or iPhone.  Pioneer also throw in a remote control, and as you'd expect it recharges your PMP while it's docked.

Clever enough, but we can't help but wish Pioneer had given it a bigger docking bay and allowed owners to put their iPad in there instead: the big-screen Apple slate would look pretty nifty up there on the wall, and you'd be able to see it better from across the room, too.  The Pioneer KODO XW-NAW1 iPod speaker system will drop in September 2010, priced at £199 ($307).

[via Gizmodo]