Pioneer CDJ-900NXS Professional Multi Player aims at DJs with color LCD and WiFi

Pioneer has been making gear for DJs of all levels for a long time. The company has budget DJ gear for the DJ just starting up to gear aimed at DJs that have the skill and cash to afford the high-end hardware that Pioneer makes. Pioneer has unveiled its latest product for the DJ called the CDJ-900NXS Professional Multi Player.

The device is designed to work with rekordbox music management software. It also features a large full-color LCD screen, integrated WiFi, and USB connectivity for smart devices. The device also has lots of performance functions including Beat Sync, quantize, and Beat Divide.

The big full color LCD screen offers all sorts of detail on the track playing including album art, song name, and artist. The screen will also show details like time, tempo, beats per minute, and waveform. The screen also shows the phase meter showing the beats/bars of the music.

The USB port on the 900NXS is designed to allow users to connect smartphones, tablets, and other sources to access music. Music can also be accessed on other devices via WiFi. The CDJ-900NXS will be available in January for $1699.

SOURCE: Pioneer