Pigeon Food Will Soon Turn Bird Crap Into Soap

Chris Burns - Nov 24, 2010
Pigeon Food Will Soon Turn Bird Crap Into Soap

A design firm by the name of Tuur Van Balen has created a system of feeding pigeons, the nastiest, dirtiest lot of birds you might ever set eyes on, in which they’d eat a special pellet and poo only waste that’ll clean your car instead of dirtying it. According to the group, the compound that’ll do the trick will be “containing some bacteria that can modify the metabolism of pigeons and turn their feces into detergent.” Sounds like a terrible process for their stomachs, but will our cars complain? Probably not.

You’ll probably still want to carry around a bottle of water and a rag if you’d like to use this particular crap to clean your windows, but hey, that reduces the steps down by one, right? This project also comes with a box that allows you to feed the birds easily through your New York apartment window and a car box to put on top of your vehicle to trap the poo for use in the future. Sounds pretty wild and poopy to me.

[Via Dvice]

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