Picnic-friendly DAP

This is a slender little swine, isn't it.  And functional, too – it's an mp3 playing, radio alarm clock with internal memory and SD/MMC slot, auxiliary-in and voice recorder.  Oh, and it'll show you the lyrics of your songs on the screen, too.  It's made by Coby, called the MP-C341, and comes in two versions, 512MB and 1GB.

Okay, so that's not huge, but at around $110 for the bigger model it's not exactly too expensive either.  Think of it as a Shuffle with extras (a built-in dock, you could say, plus battery power for those picnic moments).  Whether it'll make it outside of Korea is another story, but at least you could have a nice picnic there.  More photos after the cut.

Coby expects to launch MP3 micro system 'MP-C341' in Korea market [AVING]