Photovine is Live, Time for some Futuristic Google Photo Sharing

What on earth is Google thinking? Don't they already have a photo sharing service called Google+? Or better yet, Picasa? Then there's that other service by the name of Pool Party. Isn't that something that Google has whipped up as well? Turns out all these things are sort of true in one way or another, Google has its hands deep into more than one photo-sharing or otherwise social networking with photos site, Photovine only being the most recently uncovered.

What Pool Party is, just so we can understand the difference from the outset, is a invite-only beta app that works for both Android and iOS. It's an app that places emphasis on creating and sharing group photo albums in real time – best used at say, oh I dunno, a pool party. Better grab some waterproof phones though, your myTouch 4G Slide wont survive such punishment.

What Photovine is, on the other hand, is, as they're saying, "a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people, and share your world like never before." As The Next Web has apparently found out though, Vines connects people through photos via different themes. Perhaps something like someone having a yellow shirt, or maybe GPS geo-tagged photos connecting to one another, each of these "vines" able to grow as it expands with new photos constantly.

Photovine has a privacy policy that says they're associated with Slide, a company that just so happens to also be responsible for the creation of Pool Party. Imagine that! Slide was acquired by Google back in August of 2010 for $182 million, and they've never looked back.

We've got to ask: are these services about to become part of Google+ in a grand way? They sort of seem to be made for one another, wouldn't you say?

[via Venture Beat]