Photoshop CC for iPad closed beta opens up applications

Not too long ago, Adobe promised that it would be bringing the full, or at least almost full, powers of Photoshop to Apple's newest computer, the iPad Pro. Given all the bad rap it's getting these days, Adobe could use some good publicity. Perhaps it's just a coincidence, then, that Adobe has opened up the process for getting into its exclusive Photoshop on the iPad beta program. Provided, of course, you can make a case why you should be part of that exclusive club.

Apple has long been telling people that the iPad Pros are the new computers of this age, redefining what it means to be a computer. For some people, that's already true but others feel there are still one or two things missing before they can make that jump. For some of those, Photoshop is that one reason.

It is, after all, the tool of the masters or at least the most-used software in the industry. Over time, there have been many alternatives that rose up to fill in the gap, from iPad-first apps like Procreate to screen mirroring technologies like AstroPad and Luna Display. Adobe, who is somewhat late to the game, wants to one-up them all.

What it demonstrated last October showed everything that users love and need from Photoshop but retrofitted for a touch-first device. Of course, you'll probably want an Apple Pencil but that's almost a given considering the intended audience. Adobe isn't sharing much technical details yet but all you need is a reason to give it to let you try out the beta.

Given recent events, some Adobe CC subscribers might be more interested in what the new app will cost them. It could be part of existing subscriptions, given how it's nearly the same as the desktop Photoshop CC. Chances are, however, it could be tacked on to one of the existing subscriptions as an additional cost.