Photojojo Macro Cell Lens Band works with any smartphone

Just so long as you've got a camera on your smartphone, you can bet you'll have a shot at taking some macro photos with this rubber-band-bound lens as sold by no less than your favorite strange camera store Photojojo. You'll get what they're saying is "shockingly detailed phone shots at the snap of a band," and from the looks of it, they aren't kidding around. All you've got to do is trade Photojojo three of your five dollar bills and they'll send you a rubber band with a lens in it – sound like a deal?

Now you've got another option with this band, you could launch it across the room and see if the lens will cut anybody's eye out, but that'd be a rather expensive way to do such a thing when you could just do it with your phone you've already got. What you should end up doing here is pulling the band off the nice storage card you got it with, pull it across your smartphone, and make sure the lens lines up with your own. Then you'll be in the business – the business of taking tiny sharp photos.

Then when you're done, slap it back on that card and put it back in your wallet. Know this though: it's probably not going to work very well with your 10-inch tablet. The biggest it'll go is more than likely Galaxy Note sized, and even that would be stretching it – literally. Check out the gallery below for some macro photo examples taken with an iPhone as well as some use cases on an iPhone and in your wallet. Then go buy a handful of these for all your buddies at Photojojo.