Phone-O-Scope straps SLR lenses to iPhone

The iPhone 3GS' 3-megapixel camera is hardly a threat to RED, but modders can't stop trying to tweak it into doing things Apple never intended.  An excellent example of that deviant art is Bhautik Joshi's Phone-O-Scope SLR lens mod, basically an optical coupler that allows you to mount an SLR lens onto the iPhone.

The bracket is basically an iPhone case to which is mounted the magnifiers salvaged from an old CD player laser pickup, and then on top of which is a mount for the SLR lenses.  That's been fashioned from cardboard tubing, PVC plumbing supplies and plenty of duct tape.

The photographic results can't exactly be said to deliver classically "better" shots than the iPhone alone, but they're certainly distinctive.  Joshi describes them as "very analog (almost Holga-like)" and while you could probably achieve similar things with a little Photoshop post-production work, you wouldn't get to enjoy all the odd looks when you're out with your bizarre iPhone-SLR.

[via MAKE]