Phonak Audéo Life hearing aids are first to be both rechargeable and waterproof

The latest hearing aid from Phonak was revealed today with rechargeable batteries and waterproofing. The Phonak Audéo Life is called "the world's first rechargeable hearing aid that is waterproof, showerproof, and sweatproof." This is the latest device in the Phonak Paradise line of hearing aids which we've taken a peek at up close and personal in review format – before there was waterproofing, before there was a charging case like what comes with this new model.

Take a peek at our full Phonak Audéo Paradise Review to see what we experienced with the model released in the year 2020. This new model is very, very similar, with a few major updates to the entire experience. Including a charging case would have been enough to consider switching up – but waterproofing brings these hearing aids into a brand new realm of possibilities.

The new Audéo Life model is waterproof in up to 50cm water, as well as entirely showerproof and sweatproof. This protection against liquids is provided by "a unique housing and special coating that fully seals the device." This special coating is Parylene, and it contributes to the overall durability of the device, too.

The new Audéo Life hearing aids include a charging case called "Phonak Charger Case Go." This case effectively makes the hearing aid pair as simple to keep together and charge as any other modern pair of wireless earbuds. This charging case uses magnets to hold the hearing aids in place while charging, and can itself be charged with a USB-C cable.

Phonak Audéo Life hearing aids are being made available inside the United States now. The company suggests that these hearing aids will be available via licensed hearing care professionals (available to order) right this minute. Take a peek at the timeline below for more recent Phonak news and stay tuned as Phonak continues to make hearing loss simpler to handle in the modern world.