Phoenix demo ultra-speedy Windows 7 boot [Video]

IDF isn't just an opportunity for Intel to show off their advancements: it's also a chance for their partners to flaunt what they've been working on.  In Phoenix's case, they've delivered something most Windows users would like to see, in the shape of vastly optimized boot-up procedures for Windows 7.Video demos after the cut

While we've seen fast-booting Linux mini-OSes designed to offer speedy access to the internet, email and multimedia, what Phoenix are promising is your full OS in a matter of seconds.  It does this using a new UEFI BIOS, which gets you to the desktop – and a usable desktop at that – in less than ten seconds.

The new system will likely start appearing in high-end notebooks initially, and probably at a price, but considering it's booting from scratch rather than standby – thus saving power – we can imagine quite a few road-warriors shelling out for it.  Two video demonstrations below.

[via GottaBeMobile]