Philips UltraClear Display 28-inch 4K Ultra HD monitor launches this spring

In addition to the NVIDIA G-SYNC-harboring 27-inch monitor the company rolled out on Monday, Philips has introduced the 28-inch UltraClear Display, a 4K Ultra HD resolution monitor for professionals in need of high accuracy, as well as those who want a display above and beyond the traditional FHD staple. The monitor will be available some time this spring for $1,119.99 USD.The Philips UltraClear Display has 1.07 billion colors in addition to the 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution, making it a useful product for designers, architects, artists, and others who have demanding display needs. There are a couple of integrated speakers, as well, and MHL technology, allowing for the use of certain dongles if desired. This accompanies the HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA SmartConnect, and dual-link DVI ports.In addition to the video connectivity ports, there's also USB 3.0 for fast data transfers and for charging mobile devices, like smartphones, which can then be mirrored using the MHL if desired. Beyond this, the monitor, which is model 288P6, also features MultiView technology for dual-connections, both active at the same time, for using more than one device at the same time. This is particularly handy for those who want to use a desktop and a laptop at the same time, for example.The backlight is of the W-LED variety, and the aspect ratio measures in at 16:9. The brightness is a 300nit, and the color is `10-bit. The viewing angles go up to 170 degrees H / 160 degrees V, and the speakers are 3 watt offerings, making them decent sized. The base is Philips' SmartErgoBase, which allows the user to lower the monitor to just about desk level, making for a more comfortable viewing experience in some setups.