Philips OLED MirrorWall available for purchase, if you are loaded

The number of uses that can be found for OLED items is impressive. OLED tech is used in screens for smartphones and other devices as well as lighting. One of the most interesting, and expensive uses for OLED tech has to be the slick MirrorWall by Philips.

The MirrorWall is a series of OLED screens that work with a camera. The camera picks up the person or persons looking at the screen and projects them onto the OLED screens like a mirror would. You can check out the video below to understand what the thing actually does.

If you really like the MirrorWall, you can now order your own, which is custom built to your specifications and it isn't cheap. The thing will set you back about 10,000 to 12,000 € per square meter. If you want to try one out before you buy it, Philips will rent you theirs for the tidy sum of 10,000 € per week not counting shipping, installation, and insurance. The install alone takes three days.