Lumiotec ships OLED light dev kit

One day we will break free of the dastardly incandescent light bulb and its tendency to suck down lots of power. You can get LED and fluorescent light bulbs today but they tend to be expensive and produce an odd color light that most of us don't like. OLED technology has shown promise for lighting and a company called Lumiotec is now shipping an OLED light development kit in Japan.

The kit includes a light emitting OLED with an area of 125mm x 125mm. The light has an average color index rating of Ra80, I have no idea what that means, but I hope the color of the light is natural and not too white or blue tinged. The maximum brightness from the kit is 4000 cd/m2.

The time the OLED light will work before it loses half of its brightness is 30,000 hours. The kit ships with a controller, AC adapter, stand, and required connector cables. The little OLED lighting kit isn't cheap at about $980 or 84,000 yen.

Via Engadget