Philips GoGear Connect Android 2.1 PMP/PND

Philips have revealed their plans to take on the PMP and PND markets in one fell swoop, with the upcoming Philips GoGear Connect.  An Android 2.1 based device, with a touchscreen and trackball, the GoGear Connect will not have integrated cellular connectivity – it won't replace your smartphone – but it will be able to tether via Bluetooth or hook up to a WiFi hotspot.Video demo after the cut

VoIP use will be aided by a speaker and microphone, and there's also GPS for using the GoGear Connect as a sat-nav handheld.  Also tipped is haptic feedback for the display, a memory card slot, rear-facing camera (no word on the resolution) and a range of internal storage kicking off at 8GB and rising to 64GB.

Philips have developed their own custom UI for the PMP – which you can see in the video below – which unsurprisingly prioritizes media playback.  No word on pricing or specific release dates, though a Q3 2010 period has been tipped.

[via Android Community]