Philips Fidelio iPad speaker dock

It's not exactly a stretch: the iPad has the same dock connector as the iPhone and iPod, so why not make a speaker-dock that will accept Apple's slate as well as its smaller PMPs?  That's what Philips has done with the Fidelio [PDF link], a stereo speaker dock that takes the iPad not just the smaller models, and also packs Bluetooth so the music can continue even when the tablet isn't in place.

Philips claim the Bluetooth makes for much better video enjoyment – you can watch with the iPad in your lap, but not have to make do with the tablet's mediocre integrated speaker.  Happily there's a rechargeable battery to make moving it around easier (together with an integrated carry handle) which the company expects to last for up to 5hrs from a full charge.

A remote is bundled, and there's an aux-in socket for non-Apple sources.  Meanwhile a free app in the App Store – called Fidelio+ – lets you use it as an alarm clock, change equaliser settings, and more.

The only thing Philips could do to improve the Fidelio is make it wall-mountable – we still like the idea of a wall-dock for the iPad, which would be clearly visible from across the room – but perhaps that's too much to ask