Philips brings out its own Quantum Dot 4K TV

With TV manufacturer's push for 4K resolutions or curved screens, you probably won't hear much marketing speak about Quantum Dot displays. And yet some strongly hold that this is the future as far as color accuracy is concerned. That is, if they get the green light from environmental agencies. For now, however, Quantum Dot displays, especially TVs, are a rarity despite their promise of better splashes of color. This makes Philips' new 55-inch 55PUF6850/T3 4K TV, with QD Vision's Color IQ Quantum Dot technology, one of a kind.

One reason why Quantum Dot displays aren't as talked about is because the technology is somewhat harder to understand compared to, say, OLED or 4K or curved screens. Quantum Dot screens are practically LCD screens equipped with semi-conductor nanoncrystals, which is how other manufacturers call their own version of the technology. Compared to regular LEDs in backlit LCDs, Quantum Dots emit light very precisely. Blue, red, and green colors are determined by the size of the dots and not by the filter through which white lights passes and gets converted to different, sometimes wrong, shades of colors.

The technology is relatively recent but not completely new. Late last year, LG introduced its own TVs with Quantum Dot technology. This isn't Philips' first brush with it either. Just a few weeks ago, it announced a 27-inch monitor that achieves 99 percent Adobe RGB support thanks to Quantum Dots.

This, however, is Philips' first 4K TV sporting that tech. Like many Quantum Dot users, it partnered with Quantum Dot expert QD Vision to put its Color IQ optics inside. This brings with it a promise of finely tuned colors that reach 100 percent NTSC color gamut. Paired with Philips' Ambilight, which creates ambient lighting effects around the TV to adjust to the content shown on screen, and you've got quite the color show.

The 55-inch Philips 55PUF6850/T3 4K Smart TV is available now from as well as Chinese retailers next week. No price tag has been mentioned.