Philips and Netgear bring Skype to your router

I've never really been all that impressed by Skype phones that connect via USB.  My feeling is that, if VOIP is to properly take off with non-techie people, the proviso that "it'll only work if your PC is turned on" just isn't acceptable.  So I'm pleased to see that the small group of ethernet phones – that plug directly into your router – has been joined by the Philips VOIP841.

Looking like a straightforward DECT phone, albeit one with a gorgeous colour display, the 841 gives the full Skype experience – contacts are displayed on-screen with obvious status indicators – only with the convenience and familiarity average users should feel comfortable with.

It'll be interesting to read the first reviews to see whether ease of setup can be added to the list of features.  The VOIP841 is due for release later this year.

Press Release [via Gadgetell]