Philips 56-inch 21:9 aspect LCD breaks cover

Couple weeks ago, Philips teased us with the world's first ultra wide 21:9 cinema aspect 56-inch LCD, and launched a promote web site to prove its existence. Today, they have unveiled the much-secret display in UK, but once again, technical details were left out.[demo video after the cut]According to the folks at Cnet UK, the new Philips has a native resolution of 2,560x1,080 and the panel is not LED backlit. Techradar reported other basic features including Philips' Ambilight technology, Pixel Perfect Engine, five HDMI ports, Wi-Fi, DLNA compatibility and ethernet connectivity.

As how Phillips will process non 2:35:1 material were not fully disclosed, "The TV will handle that with some new picture processing." Just in case you are green in that department, the anamorphic widescreen aspect are meant for movies enthusiasts where retaining Original Aspect Ratio (OAR) picture is much bigger than life. They are more interested in how display handles 4:3 or 16:9 formats in 21:9 natively display as to crop, letterbox or expand beyond the Original Aspect Ratio.

But according to techradar "16:9 pictures will be auto-filled to fit the screen, using a new algorithm that only stretches at the far edges of the video, so the central focal point doesn't lose integrity. 4:3 images will be stretched to 16:9 format, with black bars present on either side of the picture."

Pricing and availability were not announced at present time.