Philips 3D 52-Inch HDTV With WOWvx

Somewhat at the opposite end of the size-scale from Telson's UMPC prototype, Philips have developed their own glasses-free 3D display.  Using a whopping 52-inch LCD panel, the screen can display full 1920 x 1080 high-definition, has a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and 8ms response time.  More importantly, it combines that with Philips 3D Solutions' WOWvx technology, described as a "2D-plus-Depth" format, which adds additional occlusion information into the picture to give the impression of being able to "look around" what's on-screen.

WOWvx relies on footage being coded with depth information that indicates the position of each 2D image pixel.  That information is translated into nine different views and rendered in real-time by the display hardware.  A microlens layer in front of the LCD panel spatially disperses these nine different views, giving a sense of depth to the high-definition picture.  Because it only requires enough data to construct a relatively basic depth profile, the bandwidth requirements for "2D-plus-Depth" are close to plain 2D video. 

You're unlikely to think that a helicopter is about to scythe your face off, as in the Philips concept render above that takes a fair amount of artistic licence, but assuming the media becomes available (i.e. movies with the necessary WOWvx data) it could certainly add realism to home cinema.  Philips expect the 52-inch 3D Display to be available in Q4 2008.  They're initially targeting digital signage, pro-AV, and entertainment applications.

Press Release:

Philips introduces the 52 inch 3D Display for ultimate 3D stopping power

Las Vegas, USA – Philips promises an exciting, entertaining and engaging 3D

experience with the introduction of a 52-inch 3D Display at InfoComm 2008 (June 18-

20). The 52-inch 3D display, that immediately grabs the attention of the viewer in

media-rich environments and creates ultimate 3D stop and holding power, is well

positioned for professional use in the digital signage, pro-AV, and entertainment

applications. Thanks to the WOWvx technology used in Philips 3D Displays, no

special viewing glasses are needed.

Philips 3D Solutions provides end-to-end 3D system solutions ranging from 3D

displays, 3D content creation and conversion tools and technology licensing. By

expanding its 3D Display product portfolio with the 52" 3D Display, Philips is

responding to developments in the signage market towards more diversity in display

sizes. Jos Swillens, CEO of Philips 3D Solutions: "With our new 52-inch 3D display in

the portfolio, we can offer the pro-AV and digital signage market an even higher

degree of immersion and a more exciting 3D viewing experience. Our broad range of

3D display product – in combination with our full range of content creation tools and

our licensing program – makes us a true end-to-end 3D system solution provider".

The 52-inch auto-stereoscopic 3D Display is based on a full HD (1920x1080) LCD

panel, offering full brightness (700 cd/m2), full contrast (2000:1) and a response time of

8 ms. The WOWvx technology uses the 2D-plus-Depth format including Declipse,

which gives additional occlusion information for a real 3D 'look around' effect. The

52-inch 3D Display will be commercially available from Q4 2008 onwards.

Philips will demonstrate the 52-inch 3D Display, along with a full range of other 3D

Display and content products at the Philips 3D Solutions booth C1519 in Central Hall

1 of the Las Vegas Convention Center at InfoComm 2008, from June 18-20 in Las

Vegas, USA.