Phil Taylor Power Play Darts App Mini Review

Chris Burns - Dec 14, 2010
Phil Taylor Power Play Darts App Mini Review

So you like darts, eh? So you’re at a place that both doesn’t have darts and also you’ve got an opportunity to play a game on your iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad with another person, yes? Perhaps a bit of the ol’ darts app is up your alley? Take a peek at Phil Taylor Power Play Darts, a brand spankin new app available in the Apple App Store right this instant. We had a chance to take a peek at this sporty little number today and have a few things to say about it, a few things indeed.

If you’ve ever played darts on any sort of video arcade system, any console, screen, or what have you, you know it can be a tricky situation. Sometimes it’s basically impossible to hit your mark, and other times it’s WAY too easy to NOT get a perfect score. It takes quite the engineer to create a system that’s as challenging as the real deal yet not so complicated it cannot be played and enjoyed. Phil Taylor Power Play Darts is the closest I’ve ever seen to hitting this mark.

The controls themselves are the most difficult to understand piece of the entire game, but when you consider the precision it take to throw an actual dart into a tiny hole in a board 10 feet away, you’ll be understanding. You place your finger on the screen where you’d like to hit, wait for the undulating circle to hit the perfect toss, lower your finger on the screen and flick it upwards. Sounds easier than it is.

Graphics are great, if not really weird (look at those weird dudes!), games are plentiful, and I ALWAYS like a game that allows for two players on an iDevice (there aren’t enough of them, I say it and I say it again.) Take a peek at it in the Apple App Store today.

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