Phiaton MS-400 Carbon Fiber Headphones

Chris Davies - Sep 4, 2008, 1:16pm CDT

High-end audio manufacturers Phiaton have announced their first headphones to be available in the US.  The MS-400 have both a distinctive design and, according to Phiaton, “unmatched audiophile quality”; constructed from carbon graphite fiber, they weigh just 6.5oz despite using “studio grade” 40mm electrodynamic drivers.


Other specs include 98dB Sensitivity, 32 Ohm Impedance and a maximum input power of 1000 mW. Phiaton also claim to have worked on the airflow, optimizing it to deliver “concert hall sound quality”, while the carbon fiber is encased in a double-shell high polymer enclosure.

Big boasts, and a not inconsiderable price tag either. The Phiaton MS-400 headphones are available now, priced at $249. They come with a carrying case, into which the MS-400’s fold up. 

Press Release:


Global Audio Giant Enters U.S. Market With Branded Gear For Discerning Consumers

New MS 400 Headphones Offer Sophisticated, High-End Design and Ultimate Sound Quality

Irvine, CA – A new luxury brand for the discerning consumer who values technology, design and aesthetics has entered the U.S. market, and the name is Phiaton. A leader in the worldwide audio industry, Phiaton is making its premium line of personal audio gear available to U.S. consumers for the first time with the introduction of the new MS 400 high-end headphones.

Offering unmatched audiophile quality and an ultra-chic design, the MS 400 pushes the technology and style boundaries to give consumers a high-performance luxury brand that combines superb listening quality with unique and innovative design. The MS 400 ($249) is currently available at

Jong-Bae Lee, Chairman of Phiaton Corporation, said, “Phiaton designs premium personal audio products for the consumer who demands the best in high quality and high fashion listening devices. The MS 400 headphones blend top-notch sound quality with a stunning, eye-catching look that sets it apart from other headphone brands.”

Moderna Series: MS 400 Headphones
Want to stand out from the crowd with a headphone that looks like nothing else on the market today? Phiaton™’s MS 400 features a no-holds-barred stunning bright red adjustable headband and ear pads that makes a bold style statement like no other. The MS 400 is a high-end lifestyle audio product designed for the consumer who craves a sophisticated and stylish look combined with terrific sound quality. The sleek design sports opulent color and style and ensures optimal delivery of sound to the user. The MS 400™s optimized airflow delivers concert hall sound quality and its on-ear design promotes greater noise reduction than traditional headphones.

The MS 400 features Studio Grade 40mm Electrodynamic Drivers, 98dB Sensitivity, 32 Ohm Impedance and a maximum input power of 1000 mW. Unlike any other headphone, the MS 400 is made with carbon graphite fiber for a stylish sporty look, strong housing and a light carrying weight of just 6.5oz. The carbon fiber housing helps deliver crystal clear sound and eliminates any sound leakage. To ensure better resonance values, deep rich bass, a full-bodied midrange, and sparkling high notes, the carbon is encased in a high polymer enclosure with a double-shell structure.

The MS 400 features flexible joints that fold in two steps making it perfect for travelers. It comes with a compact and stylish carrying case and a 6.3mm stereo gold-plated plug adapter.

About Phiaton Corporation
Phiaton Corporation is a premium manufacturer of high-end noise cancelling headphones, earphones and Music Docking Stations for consumers who appreciate design, technology and aesthetics. The Phiaton brand is created for audiophiles who demand the extraordinary from the consumer electronics they buy. All Phiaton products provide authentic sound reproduction, eye-catching design, and comfortable fit.

Phiatons parent company, Cresyn Company Ltd., was founded in 1959 to develop and manufacture high quality phonograph needles. Under the leadership of Chairman Jong-Bae Lee, Cresyn has heavily invested in R&D and developed a significant portfolio of patented audio technologies. Over time, these technologies have become an integral part of todays most popular leading personal audio brands. Today, Cresyn markets its own growing family of industry leading products, including noise canceling headphones, earphones, Bluetooth headsets and camera modules.

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