Periscope updated to version 1.1.2 with Android/iOS/Web live

Periscope updates their live video app to include Android, iOS, and Web live views as well as Android and Web replays. This version will be delivered to iOS users as early as this afternoon with iOS replays as well. Version 1.1.2 allows users to edit full name as well as description and photo from their profile for the first time. Users will also be able to take advantage of a whole new featured users section and a "broadcast share sheet" for the masses.

This update to Periscope for iPhone will allow you to block messages in a way that shows "blocked" only to you. This allows for more privacy in the app and stops users from making disparaging remarks once they've been blocked – mostly because they won't know.

Inside a broadcast, users are able to swipe to get rid of their keyboard. In the past, that would have meant ending the broadcast entirely.

A new bit of "sign in" text shows that you can log back in to an existing account if you've – for whatever reason – logged out. No worries. There's also been a fix to an audio encoder crash that happened to certain users whilst watching broadcasts, and a fix for a bug causing messages at the beginning of a replay to get horribly messed with.

In this update your username is – get ready for this – viewable from your profile. At last!

Also if you're Dutch, you're in luck. A translation bug has been fixed for the Dutch. Good on you, Periscope. The Dutch can have their fix at last.

Periscope is available for Android and iOS and desktop through web browsers at this time. The updates listed above are for the iOS version specifically.