PepperBall FlashLauncher video demo: Ouch

Managing to be even more intimidating in a flashlight casing than Wicked Lasers' Spyder II GX, the PepperBall FlashLauncher incorporates not only a 100 lumen flashlight but semi-automatic firing of up to five individual pellets of hot pepper powder.  Intended for law enforcement personnel as well as individuals, the FlashLauncher uses CO2 to launch the eye-stinging balls with a laser for targeting.Video demo of the PepperBall FlashLauncher after the cut

PepperBall also sell water projectiles (in normal and anti-freeze versions) that, while not causing irritation, still hurt on impact.  There's also a variety of holsters and pouches, guaranteed to make you the most intimidating dog walker on the block.

A starter kit is available for $399.99, that includes the FlashLauncher itself, eight CO2 cartridges, a rechargeable battery (that powers the torch and laser), thirty rounds of inert purple dye balls and ten rounds of pepper-powder balls. 

[via OhGizmo!]