Pentax WG-1 GPS Now Available in Shiny Orange and Bright Beyond Belief

If there's one thing I love, it's multiple colorways, and what I mean when I say that is that if you make a device, and I'm talking to you OEMs, I love to see it in several different color combinations. Just yesterday we had a post up on Android Community about the onset of colors in the chassis of Android devices, now let's talk for a moment about the Pentax WG-1 GPS camera – a device which we last spoke about back in February as a rugged alternative to the fragile point and shoot devices that are so common in today's digital landscape. Today we see a colorway that doesn't make your eyes freak out and jump our of your head: Shiny Orange!

You'll notice how I keep saying Shiny Orange. It's not because that's what I've decided to describe the color as – that's the way the color is presented in the original release from Pentax in Japan! How about that! It's always fun to see companies being more free with their descriptions of their products, especially when that freedom brings a fanciful sort of nature to the whole situation.

The device you're looking at here has the ability to track and record positional data with each image you photograph, much like most of your smartphones equipped with cameras today, but here with a 14-megapixel sensor encased in, again, an ultra-rugged casing. This device can survive being dunked in water up to 14 feet, is totally shockproof for falls up to five feed, and is crushproof up to 220 pounds of force. So it's not like you can toss it off a mountain only to be run over by a semi truck and drown to the Titanic, but it's rough nonetheless.

This device also has face detection, self-portrait assist mode, and is resistant against cold and dust. This unit has a 5x internal optical zoom and can record up to HD 720p video. This device is currently released on the market wherever awesome cameras are sold and will set you back $399.95. On the other hand, we're not sure when or even IF this much more awesome orange version will be available in the USA. You could always order it in!

[via Akihabaranews]