Pentax outs new colors for its K-x line of DSLR cams

Pentax has had its K-x entry-level DSLR camera on the market for a while now. Rather than revamping the camera to offer new features and things like better image quality the company is happy to toss new colors and wild special editions onto the market every now and again.Pentax has added four new colors to its line of K-x offerings that include one retina searing pink version and a few more earthy tones. The other three are chocolate, beige, and olive. All of the new colors are available of the same $649.95 that the older models are offered at.

For that price, what you are getting is a kit with a DA L 18-55mm lens. If you want an additional lens, you can opt for the plain black for an extra $50 and get a 50-200mm zoom lens in addition to that 18-55mm unit. I'm still partial to the white K-x, but I'll stick with my trusty D80.