Pentax MX-1 digital camera hands-on: advanced compact in a retro body

This week we got the opportunity to take a peek at a hero device from none other than camera manufacturers Pentax, their MX-1 showing itself to be quite the looker for the 2013 Summer season. This machine is the very first advanced compact camera the company has ever presented, here showing a 12-megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom, and a solid body with a classic look. This camera also comes with a 3-inch tilting display that'll allow you to hold your unit above or below, the display pointing out at your face from any forward angle.

The lens on this machine is a 28mm F1.8 wide angle, making sure your next-level photos bring on a life that'll make you want to stick with Pentax through the future. The middle of this device is a texturized rubbery black while the top and bottom are a cool metallic with brass panels up top and down below. This machine will be available sometime inside 2013, likely by the time Summer rolls around.

Also revealed this week was the Pentax Q10's new ultra-vast collection of body colors. You'll now be able to pick 100 different custom color combinations for the Pentax Q10 – and it still feels so nice to use this classic body and set of controls. Have a peek at pure red here and create your own at the Pentax studio online. You'll be able to pick your own body color and your own grip color – go wild!

For those of you that didn't see this camera back when it was announced in September of 2012, it's a real live interchangeable lens system-toting camera with a 12.4-megapixel sensor all in the size of "a pack of cards." It's small and it's powerful, those two things are certainly true. Have a peek at a whole lot more CES 2013 coverage in our CES portal and be sure to stay tuned to our Pentax tag for more camera action all year long!