Pentax K-01 mirrorless camera teased in press photos

A wave of cameras is coming to crash upon the shores of the public late this winter, and the most recent tease is a Pentax K-01 mirrorless shooter designed by no less than Marc Newson. It may seem a bit odd to those of you who are familiar with the work of Newson as his most famous work is that of a "biomorphism" full of flowing lines and a tendency to refrain from all sharp edges. What this camera appears to be instead of that is a rather blunt looking instrument with features piled onto one another in a series of transformers. Of course a good photographer is only concerned with the photo in the end, not the look of the tool.

This new set of "leaked" or "teased" photos shows an interchangeable lens-having camera with one whole heck of a lot of working add-ons to go with it. There's a rather notable 40mm f/2.8 lens in a fabulously thin profile sitting here in this future setup, and the whole device is set for awesome quick changes with what appears to be an HDR toggle for easy access. Forum posts surrounding the device have revealed quite a few fabulous specifications that might be showing up on this device including full HD video, a 3-inch LCD, and a total weight of 1.2lbs.

This device may well be coming in three different body colors if word on the street proves true, the package also coming with three different lenses as well. Built-in pop-up flash across the board as well, if you please. Have a peek at these leaked photos and see how well they match up with your future desires for a perfect Pentax.

UPDATE: This camera will likely be released officially at an event held tomorrow, so here's crossing out fingers tightly!

BONUS: Here'a a BBC video special on Mark Newson so you can get a better idea of who we're dealing with here – industrial design extraordinaire:

[via Pentax Forums]