Pentax 645D DSLR camera is aimed at scenery

We have already seen the Pentax 645D medium format DSLR camera before. In fact, we talked about it almost exactly a year ago. The camera, presumably updated, was on display again at the Camera and Photo Imaging show in Yokohama City, Japan March 11 through the 14.TechOn spent some time talking to the folks from Hoya behind the camera on how they were positioning the device. The camera uses an Eastman Kodak CCD with an imaging area 44 x 33mm. The camera will be released in Japan in May with a price equating to nearly $8900 here in the US.

The camera is designed specifically for talking high quality shots of scenery. The camera doesn't use a lowpass filter and the question was posed during the interview of wouldn't the lack of a filter cause moire. The reason for the lack of a filter according to the manufacturer is because the filter lowers resolution and the Moire can be removed using software.