Peggle Blast released: Android, iOS get Free(mium)

This week the folks at EA Games have decided to release Peggle Blast, the first Peggle game made specifically for mobile devices. This app has been released for Android this afternoon, coming with a bit of gameplay very similar – but not the same as – previous Peggle game releases. This game is portrait-mode only (for now) and has a variety of in-game purchases instead of costing one price upfront. Join in then lose lives then buy more lives so you can keep on playing the game.

This game is fun. That's certainly true. But what you're not going to get that you DID get with previous Peggle games is unlimited gameplay. Unless you're so unbelievable good at this game that you can't get anything less than top marks in every level.

Here's an example of a game that's been won the first time we tried:

Just a bit later on, I attempted to lose on purpose. This was NOT easy. When you miff – or miss everything entirely – you get a coin toss which either has you losing a turn or getting an extra ball. This game's 50/50 coin toss seems to turn up "free ball" a WHOLE LOT more often than previous games – that's not certain, just my observation.

When you DO lose a game, you'll immediately be greeted by the option to keep playing – for a cost.

For those of you unaware, this is what "Freemium" means.

For another explanation of what Freemium means, we'd like to show you what South Park's recent episode "Freemium isn't Free" has to say. The following is a storyboard excerpt from the South Park art department. More specifically from their official Wiki which includes behind-the-scenes bits and pieces from recent episodes.

Above you'll see what South Park's Canadian Devil explains as how "Micropay" and "Freemium" games work. This Peggle Blast game is a little different because we aren't just walking around Canada looking for coins like South Park's Terrance and Philip game in this TV episode, but still – if you're not paying cash for the game, you're paying with something else.

Peggle Blast is available in the Google Play app store right now for "free" if you'd like to take a peek.