Pegatron plant in China reports small explosion

The manufacturing industry in China is huge with some of the big names including Pegatron and Foxconn building computers and gadgets for numerous companies like Apple and many others. Foxconn was hit earlier this year with a series of plant explosions over a several month period that lead to the death of some workers.

Today Pegatron has announced that one of its subsidiary plants in Shanghai, China had a small explosion over the weekend. The explosion happened at a plant belonging to Riteng Computer Accessory Co, and 61 workers were injured in the blast. Of those 61 workers, 23 needed to be hospitalized for observation. None of the injuries are reported to be life threatening.

According to Pegatron, the plant where the explosion occurred was new and was not in operations yet. A portion of the plant had started trial production and was being inspected. Safety concerns continue to circle around Chinese plants where industrial accidents are not uncommon.

[via Reuters]