Pegatron Atom slate gets video hands-on

While HP's unnamed slate PC got most of the attention during and after Microsoft's CES 2010 keynote yesterday, it wasn't the only touchscreen device Steve Ballmer had on stage with him.  Neowin have been digging to discover more about the Pegatron model also shown, and have come up not only with some specs but a video demo of the slate in action.

As-yet unnamed, just like HP's model, the Pegratron slate has an 11.6-inch touchscreen and runs Windows 7 Home Premium on an Intel Atom CPU.  There's also 1GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD, along with a webcam and HDMI connectivity.

Their hands-on opinion is that the slate is certainly thin and light, and fits neatly into the hands, but that Windows 7's UI – even with all the touchscreen-centric work Microsoft have done on it – still needs fettling to play nicely with finger control and input.  With CES being dominated by tablets this year, we're expecting to see various custom GUIs being rolled out over the coming months, as software houses attempt to cash in on the next hot segment.

[via Best Tablet Review]