Peel Universal Control system launches

Back in January, we talked a bit about the interesting Peel universal remote control system for your TV that works with the iPhone and a special app. The hardware portion is a thing that looks a bit like a pear and sits on your table acting as the interface between your iPhone and the TV. The first one sold was by silent auction and now anyone can buy one for $99.

For that much money, you get the Peel universal control and the app portion is free. The Peel gives the user a personal TV recommendation system that lets you find new shows and the ones you already like. The Peel system is in Apple stores right now for purchase and claims to eliminate multiple remotes and the need to change inputs.

The device sets up tasks that will let you do things like hit a "Watch TV" button and have the inputs changed for you. It sounds a lot like the Logitech Harmony remotes. The app is interesting in that after you choose a program you can use gestures to interact with swipes up and down for volume and left or right for rewind and fast forward. A tap in the middle pauses on DVRs. If you don't have a DVR, the gestures control volume and mute. The thing works with all sorts of components too.