Peek protest at BlackBerry Storm launch: Bizarre Video

Verizon's BlackBerry Storm launch was something of a success for the carrier: after all, they managed to sell out of the touchscreen RIM smartphone.  One thing I don't remember seeing in the official coverage, however, was Peek's tongue-in-cheek demonstration outside one Manhattan Verizon Wireless store: people dressed in prisoners' uniforms, chained to giant Storms, protesting against two-year contracts.Video of the Peek protest after the cut

On the back of the uniforms was a "Parole Date" suggesting that Storm buyers wouldn't be released until November 21st, 2010.  While the people in the street appear entertained, Verizon were less enthusiastic.  They called the police, who politely but firmly asked the Peek people to leave.

In case you haven't heard, Peek's eponymous device is a basic, email-only alternative to a whizz-bang smartphone.  Costing under $100 (in fact a recent sale saw it at just $50) with a $20 all-you-can-eat monthly service charge, it recently won Time Magazine's Gadget of the Year 2008 award.