Peek Indian launch planned in next few weeks

The Peek news keeps on coming today, with SlashGear getting word that an Indian launch of the Pronto is planned within a couple of weeks.  Specific details on which carrier Peek have partnered with are unknown – though due to be announced imminently, we're told – but subscription costs will be less than the equivalent of $10 per month.

The Peek device itself will be priced at around $100 in India, and will offer the same straightforward email access.  In contrast, an unlimited BlackBerry data plan in India costs around 900Rs. ($18) per month, to which a voice package would have to be added.  The BlackBerry handsets themselves are also more expensive than the Peek messenger.

We're hoping this marks a shift from the Peek being US-only to launching in more countries.  No word on European availability, but given the size of the market it seems likely that Peek have been talking about bringing their messenger to the UK or mainland Europe.