Peek gets secure blogging abilities

The Peek tweaks continue, with the latest reported hack being the ability to securely post from the simplistic emailer to a WordPress-based blog.  It means that Peek users – who are already able to email and send SMS messages – may soon be able to update their blogs from the handheld, with only one predictable monthly data fee to contend with.

Although intended – and, out of the box, delivered – as a basic email device, the Peek is gaining momentum as a readily-hacked gadget.  It's a reputation the company themselves do nothing to deter; this WordPress implementation is actually the handiwork of Peek staff member Dan.

No details or specifics on the hack as yet, but we're assuming it'll go public once the Peek people have looked over the technicalities and decided whether it will put too much stress on their data package.  Recently the Peek team discovered that 70-percent of recent sales through Costco's site were for Peek-for-life units (lifetime subscriptions for a one-off $399) versus the standard $44 device plus ongoing monthly fees.  They're now considering that "maybe this lifetime deal should be more widely available."